Testomonials From Our Yogis

Thank you so much for hosting the event today! Needless to say we had the best time. I really like how attentive you were to puppies’ needs and I am really glad to see what a great care you took of them.

~ Maria

Thank you very much Pawsideyoga - the puppies are wonderful! My friend took me as a birthday present and it was by far the best present I have ever had.
~ Jade

It was my first time at puppy yoga with Pawsideyoga. The experience has exceeded expectations. I had so much fun and would highly recommend anyone who share puppy love! Great distressing sessions.
~ Anna

Thank you so much for the experience, it was amazing.
~ Emma

We loved absolutely everything, the yoga was great, it could be for any level and I got my sweat on and I loved how you got the dogs out during Savasana. The staff made sure everyone got a cuddle with the puppy’s which we thought was so lovely, they even gave us toys to play. I will definitely come again.
~ Jayli

Fantastic experience, Would highly recommend Pawsideyoga and would definitely go again...and we travelled from Milton Keynes! All my friends were so jealous of my puppy experience and pics. Such a feel good experience...loved it! 
~ Ceri

I surprised my mother to a trip for Pawsideyoga puppy yoga. As our dog passed away. We absolutely loved it the yoga instructor and all staff were so accommodating. Would highly recommend this anyone who needs a well being day. Myself and my mum had a great, therapeutic day. Thank you so much to all the staff and puppies at puppy yoga. Will make an appearance again.
~ Simran

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