Testomonials From Our Yogis

Thank you so much for hosting the event today! Needless to say we had the best time. I really like how attentive you were to puppies’ needs and I am really glad to see what a great care you took of them.

~ Maria

Thank you very much Pawsideyoga - the puppies are wonderful! My friend took me as a birthday present and it was by far the best present I have ever had.
~ Jade

It was my first time at puppy yoga with Pawsideyoga. The experience has exceeded expectations. I had so much fun and would highly recommend anyone who share puppy love! Great distressing sessions.
~ Anna

Thank you so much for the experience, it was amazing.
~ Emma

We loved absolutely everything, the yoga was great, it could be for any level and I got my sweat on and I loved how you got the dogs out during Savasana. The staff made sure everyone got a cuddle with the puppy’s which we thought was so lovely, they even gave us toys to play. I will definitely come again.
~ Jayli

Fantastic experience, Would highly recommend Pawsideyoga and would definitely go again...and we travelled from Milton Keynes! All my friends were so jealous of my puppy experience and pics. Such a feel good experience...loved it! 
~ Ceri

I surprised my mother to a trip for Pawsideyoga puppy yoga. As our dog passed away. We absolutely loved it the yoga instructor and all staff were so accommodating. Would highly recommend this anyone who needs a well being day. Myself and my mum had a great, therapeutic day. Thank you so much to all the staff and puppies at puppy yoga. Will make an appearance again.
~ Simran

The best morning ever. The yoga was relaxing and suitable for all levels. The puppies were the sweetest little things and the owners and staff were super friendly. An hour of pure happiness, it really allowed us to let go of the horrible stresses of life at the moment. An amazing experience!!!

~ Sara L

Really enjoyed the session, both the yoga and dogs! The yoga was perfect for beginners who wanted to test their feet in the water and the dogs and handlers were superb with great interactions and communication! The dogs are even cuter in person!

~ Ben P

Thank you so much for having us. We loved it and as we live in a flat that half hour with the puppies definitely went a long way for the misses.

Will definitely be back in the near future.

~ Lewis S

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