🐾Puppy Therapy 🐾


Our classes are taught by our fully qualified and trained yoga teachers, whom we work with closely to keep improving the quality of our sessions. We partner with therapy and service dog trainers, rescues and licensed breeders, who all have pups that need to learn socialisation. All animals are vet-checked, vaccinated, de-wormed and flea-free, to make sure we’re protecting both yours and the puppies health.

Although the puppies are toilet trained, they are still very young and may have little accidents here and there (our amazing PAWsome team members will be there to clean up any mess. You may want to bring a spare top or bottoms. We provide yoga mats but you are more than welcome to bring your own. 

Pup information:

Are you breeders?


Do people and companies purposely bred for your classes?  


Do you sell the puppies at your classes?


If I like a pup at your class can I buy one?

This is a discussion that yourself and the owner of the pups can have.

We have had a few puppies find a home from both our public and our corporate classes.

Sometimes guests fall in love with a pup and enquire about buying or adopting a pup.

We do not take any payments or financially benefit from the sale of a pup.

We are however delighted to be able to follow the pups journey if rehomed with one of our guests as if the pup was sold to someone we didn’t know, we wouldn’t be able to follow their journey.

Are these classes any good for the animals that participate in them?

100%, the classes teach them to socialise with humans in a peaceful and playful environment. Our fur friends also get to have their own independence away from home for a few hours which is important for their development into adults! They are also free to roam around the yoga studio and interact with the attendees and your cuddles will keep them happy!

Are the puppies okay with being in a new environment with human handling on the yoga days?

The pups are bursting with energy! It is a lovely way for the puppies to experience the outdoors before going to their new homes. The puppies enjoy having lots of attention, cuddle snuggles + kisses. The pups also enjoy playing with toys and running around in the studio. It’s a fun day out, somewhat like a puppy nursery. Please see our pup owner feedback page to see just how lovely the precious pup owner attendees loved the idea of the sessions + so glad they found us! All pups are given an hour rest between sessions which is usually actually too long as they like to run around everywhere! They are fed their favourite food, treats and fresh clean spring water. They are so loved at our classes! If it was harmful, we wouldn’t have our classes and if the puppy owners felt we were putting the pups at any risks, they wouldn’t attend with their pups. We pride our selves on building strong relationships with our pup owners.

How old are the animals and where are they from?

Our pups are between two to six months old and come from loving homes. We conduct home visits with the owners of the animals to ensure they are well looked-after, health checked, toilet trained, flea-free, and that they receive regular vet check-ups! We are very strict with our selection process. The puppies are as much our babies as they are the owners, we take care and pride ourselves on doing that.

Do you keep in contact with the puppy owners after the classes?

Yes! This is one of our core values!
To keep in touch with our pups progress and make sure they are loved and well.

How many puppies are at the class?

Between 6-12 pups per class, numbers vary depending on the litter. All pups are from the same litter. Due to the health and safety of the pups we do not mix litters.

Do litters change on the day?

In most cases the puppies we have are set to be with us however sometimes there can be a last minute cancellation and we may have another litter of pups.
We would update this via our website and send an email to any guests who have already purchased tickets or have a gift card.

Can I bring my own furry friend to the class?

No. As we already have puppies at our class but we promise you’ll have a great time meeting some new fur friends!

Why don’t you use fully grown adult dogs?

We have asked our guests via surveys if they would like a dog yoga but we haven’t yet received enough votes to go ahead. It is very unusual that you’ll have 6-12 fully grown dogs that an owner has kept. Which is what we would prefer to use rather than individual dogs from different homes with different owners that are unfamiliar with each other as it comes with potential risks and we are not happy to encourage any distressful situations for our fur friends. We hope to one day trial a doga class.

What happens to the puppies once they grow up and no longer attend your classes?

After our classes, the pups are usually rehomed unless the owner is keeping them all, before our classes and during, the pups usually already have homes and are actually only coming to our classes until they’re being picked up.

It is one of our core responsibilities to stay in contact with as many pup owners as possible to follow up on their progress from being a pupper to a big dog! We often receive photos/videos of our pups growing up seeing that they are loved and well. 

Do the puppies come to yoga with their mother/father too?

Sometimes they do! We are welcoming of the mother’s/father or both of the litter but most of the time the owners want the mother/father or both of the litter to stay at home to have a break. 

Ticket policies:

Tickets are non refundable. If needed, you are able to transfer your class to another date if you are unable to make it, please email us to do this. Please also take care when booking tickets and avoid booking too many as we do not refund.

If we have to cancel the class for reasons beyond our control e.g. weather or for the puppies safety, we will issue you a credit note, to book another session where available. We would aim to inform you at least 48 hours before your class date however this is rare. 

We welcome you to have a wonderful and pawsome experience!

*Please be aware that photos and videos may be taken throughout the class and used on our socials or products.

*Feel free to take pictures with the pups during class and also tag us!

*We do not allow our yogis to film the full session in order to respect the privacy of other yogis.

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