What are the session locations, dates and times?

Locations, dates and times can vary, click here to view locations, dates and times for upcoming sessions. Also feel free to e-mail us for information about upcoming sessions!

Can I go if I’ve never done yoga before?

Absolutely! We welcome yogis of any experience level, whether you’re completely new or a seasoned pro.

How do the classes work?

One-hour sessions consist of:

  • 30 minutes of yoga (relaxing asana—yoga postures, pranayama—breathing techniques and meditation)
  • 30 minutes of quality time with the pups!

What should I do if I’m running late?

All of our sessions run on time so that all participants can enjoy the maximum amount of time unwinding yoga and cuddling with their furry friends.

5 minutes late - We can enter you into class

More than 5 minutes late - We would not allow you into the yoga part of the class, you would be politely asked to wait to go into the second part of the class.

Can I arrive early to class?

Please do not arrive to your session any earlier than 5 minutes.

Are these classes good for the animals that participate in them?

100%, the classes teach them to socialise with humans in a peaceful and playful environment. Our fur friends also get to have their own independence away from home for a few hours which is important for their development into adults! They are also free to roam around the yoga studio and interact with the attendees and your cuddles will keep them happy!

How old are the animals and where are they from?

Our pups are between two to six months old, and come from loving homes. We conduct home visits with the owners of the animals to ensure they are well looked-after, vaccinated, toilet trained, micro-chipped, wormed, flea-free, and that they receive regular vet check-ups!

Do you keep in contact with the puppy owners after the sessions?

Of course! This is one of our core values! To keep in touch with our pups progress and make sure they are loved and well.

How many puppies are at the session?

Between 6-8 pups per session, numbers vary depending on the litter. All pups are from the same litter. Due to the health and safety of the pups we do not mix litters.

Can I bring my own furry friend to the session?

Unfortunately not, but we promise you’ll have a great time meeting some new fur friends!

Do I need to bring my ticket to the session?

No. To do our bit for the environment and avoid the use of paper, we will ask for your first name and last name which you booked with at the door.

Are yoga mats provided?

Yes, of course! Our beautiful yoga mats are sponsored by USA PRO. Please do feel free to bring your own. We do have mat friendly spray to wipe your mat down after the session, just ask one of the team to do it for you.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. We have full public liability and our puppies are insured too!

Can under-18s attend the session?

Currently, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to participate in our sessions, including with a responsible adult.

Can I come if I have any animal allergies?

We strictly advise those with allergies towards pets to not attend the class, as you will be around animals for the duration of the session.

What happens in the event of an emergency or accident?

There are several fire exits located within the building, and our team members(who will be present at all times) will be able to guide you to them. A member of staff with first aid training will also always be available.

Do you have first aiders on site?

We sure do! All of our Pawsideyoga team members are first aid trained for hooomans and our fur friends.

What do I need to wear?

Feel free to wear your usual gym wear or what you feel most comfortable doing your yoga session in.

Is there anywhere for me to change?

We recommend you come to class already prepared to go into your session.

How do I book a class?

You can book a class here.

How many people will be attending the class?

Each class has between 10-20 yogis.

Please take time to read through our ticket policies:

Purchasing tickets:

Please take care when booking tickets.  You may transfer your ticket to a friend, however you will be required to inform us via email.

Purchased tickets:

Please note that after your purchase you will be sent a confirmation email of your purchase. Your confirmation email acts as your ticket. We may ask for your first name and last name which you booked with at the door.


If there is space in another session, you may transfer to that slot.

Booking mistakes:

You would have to re-book tickets as it has to go through the booking system. When refunds are sent they are done straight away and should appear in your account then and there however this can vary on your bank as some banks take 3-5 days to process. You would need to purchase your new tickets and then we are able to release your refund straight away.

Class cancellations by us:

If we have to cancel or reschedule the class for reasons beyond our control e.g. weather, we will issue you a credit note, to book another session where available.

Ticket gifting:

We allow you to gift a friend, family member or loved one with tickets as a surprise. Just send us an email to tell us the name of the person you will be buying tickets for and we will note this and know who they are at the door.

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