Ticket Policies

Hey lovelys!

Please take time to read through our ticket policies:

Purchasing tickets:

Please take care when booking tickets. Due to high demand, we are not able offer you a refund if you aren’t able to attend the session. You may transfer your ticket to a friend, however you will be required to inform us via email.

Purchased tickets:

Please note that after your purchase you will be sent a confirmation email. Your confirmation email acts as your ticket. We will ask for your first name and last name which you booked with at the door.


If there is space in another session, you may exchange your ticket for a £20 fee per ticket. 

Booking mistakes:

You would have to re-book tickets as it has to go through the booking system. When refunds are sent they are done straight away and should appear in your account then and there however this can vary on your bank as some banks take 3-5 days to process. You would need to purchase your new tickets and then we are able to release your refund straight away.

Class cancellations by us:

If we have to cancel or reschedule the class for reasons beyond our control e.g. weather, we will issue you a credit note, to book another session where available.

Ticket gifting:

We allow you to gift a friend, family member or loved one with tickets as a surprise. Just send us an email to tell us the name of the person you will be buying tickets for and we will note this and know who they are at the door.

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