About Us

About us:

Opening Pawsideyoga in January 2020, we wanted to create a safe space for everyone to unwind. 
We’ve combined adorable puppies with the ancient art of yoga to create a health and fitness class more blissful than anything you’ve been to before.

A simple cuddle with our furry friends has been proven to elevate your serotonin and dopamine levels, which can help improve both mental and physical aspects of your health, including but not limited to: sleep, mood, memory, digestion and focus! 

We are passionate about our pups wellbeing. We stay in contact with our pup owners right throughout the pups growth journey.
    We have worked with valuable and trusted brands such as Google, YouTube, USA PRO and SportFX, we are also sponsored by USA PRO with their beautiful yoga mats. We’ve also had the pleasure of providing classes to private membership clubs such as Home House and Soho Farm House. We have also been at the second tallest building in London, 22 Bishopsgate

    We have had celebrity influencers attend our sessions such as Gabby Dawn Allen from Love Island, both Sam Callahan + Tamera Foster from X-Factor. We have also had amazing Instagram influencers attend our sessions to name a few such as, Jen Landesberg, Emily Mouu and Isabella Johnson.

    What does team work mean to us?

    Here at Pawsideyoga we believe team work means working together towards the same aim. Pawsideyoga is a family run business and we all work closely together even though individually we have our own lives. We respect each other and help each other.

    We are a loving + humble team of six females and one male of different age ranges, we also celebrate each other outside of work by having team dinners at vegan restaurants.

    It’s important when working as a team to always listen to each other, think outside of the box and look at what could be done differently. Incorporating new ideas from team members is always essential for the growth of the business, we are always looking at new ways to improve.

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