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Lock Down Yoga - Staying Healthy Indoors

Being in a Lock Down can be hard, especially if you are one of the many people across the UK stuck in a flat without a garden. At Pawsideyoga we believe that it is very important to stay ‘pawsitive’. We also believe that a great way to relax your mind, ease bodily tensions and keep healthy is Yoga. Luckily you don’t need a big house nor a garden, just enough room to lay down a Yoga mat. Whether you are working from home or not, here are three yoga poses that are a great start to your day. 3 Yoga poses you can do everyday. 1. Pelvic Tilts - Subtle but effective. Pelvic Tilts are a super simple and easy...

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Yogi + Pup Owner Feedback

Check below for our yogi feedback + pup owner feedback after sessions with us!YOGI FEEDBACKThank you so much for hosting the event today! Needless to say we had the best time. I really like how attentive you were to puppies’ needs and I am really glad to see what a great care you took of them. ~ Maria Thank you very much Pawsideyoga - the puppies are wonderful! My friend took me as a birthday present and it was by far the best present I have ever had.~ Jade It was my first time at puppy yoga with Pawsideyoga. The experience has exceeded expectations. I had so much fun and would highly recommend anyone who share puppy love! Great distressing...

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