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About us

At Pawsideyoga, we’ve combined adorable puppies with the ancient art of yoga to create a health and fitness class more blissful than anything you’ve been to before. A simple cuddle with our furry friends has been proven to elevate your serotonin and dopamine levels, which can help improve both mental and physical aspects of your health, including but not limited to: sleep, mood, memory, digestion and focus! So why not combine it with the healing power of yoga to create something that both relaxes and reinvigorates?

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We keep in touch with our pups after the sessions!

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I surprised my mother to a trip for Pawsideyoga puppy yoga. As our dog passed away. We absolutely loved it the yoga instructor and all staff were so accommodating. Would highly recommend this anyone who needs a well being day. Myself and my mum had a great, therapeutic day. Thank you so much to all the staff and puppies at puppy yoga. Will make an appearance again

~ Our yogi Simran

Just want to say thank you so much to give me a great opportunity to be part of these great yoga sessions with my puppies, I'll never forget about this weekend, for me was a great experience for myself and I can’t wait to do it again. It was a pleasure to meet you and your great team pawsideyoga, you guys are amazing.Myself, Zaion and Bella wish you a lots of success on this great idea. I just say thank you thank you. Best regards.

~ Our pup owner Jefferson

We loved absolutely everything, the yoga was great, it could be for any level and I got my sweat on and I loved how you got the dogs out during Savasana. The staff made sure everyone got a cuddle with the puppy’s which we thought was so lovely, they even gave us toys to play. I will definitely come again.

~ Our yogi Jayli

Fantastic experience, Would highly recommend Pawsideyoga and would definitely go again...and we travelled from Milton Keynes! All my friends were so jealous of my puppy experience and pics. Such a feel good experience...loved it! 

~ Our yogi Ceri

"Thank you so much for having us today! It was so fun."

~Our yogi's Blessed Yoga & Emily Mouu